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Summary of President Kauwe's Remarks at 2021 Ohana Meeting

Serve The Right Students

President Kauwe reiterated the prophetic vision and mission of the university. "The right students are those committed to our mission of building peace internationally, with a special emphasis on students from the Pacific Islands and Asia," said President Kauwe. "We need to continue to run and develop a university that makes those students' needs our top priority." To increase efficiency to these ends, changes to the IWORK program have been made.

  1. The funds that were issued as a forgivable loan will now be issued as a grant. 
  2. Instead of being required to work for a minimum of three years at PCC, IWORK students will receive their first job assignment at PCC but may work elsewhere on campus or at PCC after their initial job. 
  3. Merit scholarships will be awarded to the IWORK student's account without additional restrictions. 

President Kauwe asked employees to, "encourage all of our students to let God prevail in their lives, even if that means making sacrifices to return to their homelands to provide leadership and service. I encourage all of you to ensure that our students understand the critical role they can play in building the Lord’s kingdom in their homelands."

Offer The Right Programs

BYUH graduates are in high demand especially because of their communication and leadership skills, however, research has found that some improvements are needed in BYUH's program offerings." This must be done with two important priorities in mind. First, training students in areas that will lead to their future success as leaders in their families, communities, and chosen fields. And second, maintaining faculty and staff who are engaged in teaching, scholarship, and support efforts in ways that are satisfying and sustainable. The integrated humanities major, sports and wellness management minor, and the governance certificate have been discontinued. An international relations minor was created. President asked that we "consider how the majors and minors in your program could be adjusted, changed, or consolidated to better serve our students."

Support The Right Training

Recently, internship opportunities have expanded as well as our "capacity to mentor students in scholarly work and in other employment." President Kauwe asked the faculty to "hire students to work as a mentored research assistant in your scholarly efforts..." He also asked the staff to "request student employees for positions that will include significant mentoring." All employees were invited "to consider your personal and professional contacts. Is there potential to develop internship opportunities for BYU–Hawaii students? If so, please begin those conversations. Let’s make more opportunities for the world to recognize the great leaders that we are training here!" President Kauwe recounted how the division of Student Life is allowing students to participate in co-curricular activities that are in line with the Church’s Children and Youth program and will strengthen many diverse areas of development in the students in addition to the academic growth they experience in classes. These activities are "readily applicable to how we support our students in being leaders, serving others, seeking revelation, and exercising faith in Jesus Christ as they learn and progress at BYU–Hawaii." "We want students to feel confident as they navigate campus life and prepare for the future. We expect students to seek revelation about their ambitions and opportunities and let God prevail in the important decisions they face about school, career, family, church service, and returning home. Please be thoughtful about supporting our students through the ‘discover, plan, act, reflect’ process as they learn and grow."

Use The Right Resources

Polynesian Cultural Center

"The PCC is an important partner in providing educational experiences and training to our students. We would do well to make their staff and their operations a more meaningful part of the education and mentoring of our students...Please plan ways for our courses, scholarly work, and student mentoring to leverage this support."

Cannon Activities Center

BYUH will be increasing the number of outside devotional and forum speakers and increasing the athletic, art, and convention events held at the CAC. President Kauwe urged employees "to integrate your teaching and mentoring efforts into these events where possible. Also consider whether you have contacts that might lead to exciting and enriching events and share them with us!"

Sustainability Center

The new Sustainability Center will leverage the surrounding agricultural lands to "educate, conduct research, and apply sustainable principles and practices in every possible aspect of university operations." This will prepare students to be sustainable in their lives and careers throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. President Kauwe urged employees "to consider your scholarly work and responsibilities and find ways to participate in the Sustainability Center’s efforts."

Build The Right Foundation

Winston Churchill said, "We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.” A lot of construction has happened on campus recently, however, there are "structural and mechanical deficiencies in some of our older buildings" as well as functional deficiencies. Design options for long-term solutions are being designed and discussed. While "no final decisions have been made," planning committees have been put into place. "...[We] will be providing you with access to the current draft of the university master plan. We want you to review it and provide feedback."