Speeches Schedule

2019 Fall Semester
09/10/19 Tuesday Devotional President John S. Tanner and Susan W. Tanner University President and Wife, BYU-Hawaii
09/17/19 Tuesday Devotional Elder Voi R. and Sister Ronette Taeoalii Area Seventy and Wife
09/24/19 Tuesday Devotional Elder L. Todd Budge General Authority Seventy
09/26/19 Thursday Convocation Paul Hurst Associate Professor, Faculty of Math & Computing
10/01/19 Tuesday Devotional Maurice Mo'o Admissions Officer
10/08/19 Tuesday Devotional Emily Bradshaw Special Instructor, English
10/15/19 Tuesday Devotional Jonathan Shute Assistant Professor, Education, Faculty of Education & Social Work
10/22/19 Tuesday Devotional Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
10/29/19 Saturday Devotional Brian Houghton Dean, Professor, Faculty of Business & Government
11/05/19 Tuesday Devotional Brother Stephen W. Owen Young Men General President
11/12/19 Tuesday Devotional President Robert B. and Sister Joni N. Walker Hawaii Honolulu Mission President and Wife
11/19/19 Tuesday Devotional Becky DeMartini Assistant Professor, Head of Instructional Services
11/26/19 Tuesday Devotional Eric Marlowe Associate Professor, Faculty of Religious Education
12/03/19 Tuesday Devotional Christmas Devotional Music Program
12/10/19 Tuesday None No Devotional - Finals Week  
12/13/19 Friday Graduation Sister Bonnie H. Cordon Young Women General President