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Presidential Charge Given to President John “Keoni” S. K. Kauwe III

As Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Brigham Young University–Hawaii Board of Trustees and acting on behalf of the Officers of that Board, I hereby install you, John (Keoni) S. K. Kauwe III, as President of Brigham Young University–Hawaii this 19th day of October 2021.

In doing so I confer upon you all the rights, responsibilities, authority, and prerogatives necessary to act as the university’s chief executive officer, institutional spokesman, and overseer of its assets. I also confer upon you the responsibility to be the university’s chief moral and spiritual officer, this being the most important and most demanding of all your duties as president of the university. Service in this capacity carries with it significant responsibility not only for the educational achievement but also the spiritual growth of thousands of students who will study at BYU–Hawaii during your administrative term of service. The eternal welfare of these sons and daughters of God is and ever will be a principal concern for you in this singular, sacred trust being placed in you.

Also aiding the students are the faculty, staff, and other administrative colleagues who serve with you at this remarkable institution. We invite now and applaud their participation with you in blessing of these students and moving this institution forward.

President Kauwe, it is expected that they—the faculty, staff, administrators, as well as the students—will honor and aid you in guiding this university toward its ultimate destiny as “a school in Zion.”

Sister Monica Kauwe, would you please join us for this part of the installation? And Elder D. Todd Christofferson, if you would step forward. We now invite Monica, who is being honored today, with her husband, in every way, and Elder Christofferson to place the medallion of Office of the President on President Kauwe.

Congratulations, President Kauwe. We love and honor you and Monica. We sustain you in this office and look forward to serving with you.